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Joyous Moments

Joyous Moments


Introducing our stunning arrangement, "Joyous Moments", a beautiful expression of love and adoration. This arrangement features 10 stunning red carnations delicately surrounding 12 smaller white carnations, creating a captivating contrast of colors. Adorned with fresh eucalyptus, each bloom is carefully arranged in a heart-shaped box, making it a perfect choice for Valentine's Day or any special occasion. Send a message of love and joy with this exquisite arrangement that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Bring happiness and beauty into someone's life with "Joyous Moments".


- 10 pieces of Red or Pink Carnation, size 7cm to 9cm 

- 10 to 12 pieces of mini white carnation, 3cm to 4cm 

- Decorated with fresh Eucalyptus 

- Pack in black heart box, 28 cm x 22cm 

- A white gift card

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